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In-House X-Ray Service | Basic Radiology

Basic Radiology / X-Ray Services in Fort Lauderdale. Minimal waiting time. Get Chest X-Ray, Extremities, (Ankle, Knee, Shoulder, Arms) Call now! (954) 200-6001


Walk-In Clinic for Urgent Care Services

Urgent Care Service Centers have become a critical part of the delivery of outpatient medical care in the USA. As a cost-effective and convenient alternative to the hospital emergency department. At least one urgent care center is now found in almost every community in America. Urgent care centers are used by hundreds of patients everyday looking for urgent care physicians rapid services. Specially when our health care system is coming under increasing insurance and regulatory scrutiny, facing significant financial challenges. The aspects of urgent care that differentiate us from other medical practices include seeing walk-in (rather than scheduled) patient visits, generally performing higher medical care, serving the medical needs of local neighbors and tourists in the Broward county and Fort Lauderdale area. As a Walk-In clinic, we are staying open for expanded hours 7 days a week. Our system developed for our urgent care center is unique. We must allow extremely rapid (yet complete) service to a patient visit. It must be cost-effective and convenient at the same time.