C Davis, 08/07/2017

I visited the Instant Medical Care while on vacation. I was very pleased. It was very clean, all the employees were very nice and professional.

The Dr was very nice knowledgeable and did not rush the visit. I was in and out within 45 minutes. Excellent service.

zack hramatulov, 05/11/2017

Outstanding service. Very quick admission and very caring, knowledgeable, and professional doctor(zitsbank). The nurses are very kind and the clinic provides extraordinary care and services.

Leah Stufft, 04/12/2017

I came in today because I've been having a few issues lately and my primary doctor could not get me in until April 17th. Everyone there is very nice and seems to really care about your well being.

Dr. Zitsbank listened to all my concerns and asked a lot of important questions and didn't brush my issues off like my primary doctor does. After my blood draw I felt sick and got very shaky, the nurse and receptionist assisted in helping me by getting me chocolate and some water. I would recommend this place and I'm so glad I came here instead of my primary doctor.

Marina TEVZADZE, 03/06/2017

Very welcoming and professional staff. You get the VIP treatment here and good solid medical help. My best recommendations.

Kat D, 02/15/2017

Excellent service and staff! In my experience with illnesses, I'm used to waiting them out until inappropriate times (the middle of the night, when one cannot sleep), and end up at the hospital ER.

This time, after learning my lesson, I sought this urgent care, on the advice of my dr, and got there before closing time. Ada and Katerina were the most efficient medical personnel I've ever dealt with. And the Drs were caring and thorough. I would recommend this clinic any day! Thank you!!

Jack Cale, 05/17/2016

It's was really great service! You now what i meant :-)

Jhon Doe, 10/21/2015

GREAT...AWESOME! I went in there on a Holiday weekend sick as a dog with the worst flu I'd ever had. Only waited like 20 minutes to be seen and everyone was friendly and professional.!”

Our urgent care facility provides medical services for minor emergencies. Family medicine, diagnostics, illnesses, injuries, physical exams and vaccinations. Instant Medical Care provides high-quality medical care expeditiously & compassionately for both children & adults.

Kid Start Spanish, 05/18/2015

Absolutely great experience. Would recommend to anyone!

Pushkin, 01/18/2015

I write something here ...

What i can say more? )

Artem Khachaturov, 10/28/2014

Dr Zhanna is amazing, staff was very nice and professional, i was seen within 5 min from time I walked in.

Howard Laucella, 09/18/2014

This is a good little place you need to know about if you are in need of medical attention. The docs and nurses are good folk who will listen to what is on your mind.

The service is usually about 10 minutes or so.They will send you on your way a little better than when you walked in. I saw Shay one of the nurses and she was an attentive knowlegeble young lady who cares about her patients!!

A Google User, 08/20/2014

BEST URGENT CARE. I had to write a review because I found this urgent care online. I went to the urgent care because I woke up with both my eyes shut. They were itchy and red.

I gave my insurance card without any problem and got to see the PA within 15 min. There was almost no wait and the staff was really nice. The PA Marie-Claude Dubuc was really nice and took the time to explain to me all the things i could do at home to make me feel better faster. She then gave me some free samples and and told me to call back if i had any questions. I recommend the place

Robert Z, 10/24/2013

Great place, excellent service. I came in freaked out about a weird rash,and they attended to me immediately, and the doctor was so nice. I am glad that my girlfriend took me to them, and they solved my problem.

Angela Armenakis, 01/22/2013

Recently, I went to Instant Medical Care because I had a bad fever and cough. The doctor and all the personnel were so nice, caring and professional that I will definitely recommend this place to everyone.

I was in and out in no time, they took good care of me, proper diagnosis, proper treatment and overall I had a great experience. Although, I read some of the reviews, my experience was completely different and very positive. I would definitely recommend it to friend and family !!! Keep up the excellent work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

S. Madz., 08/31/2012

I went to the urgent care because I was very sick, with stuffy nose, headache and the whole nine yards. The PA that saw me was so nice and empathic to me.

She diagnosed me with a sinus infection and prescribed a Z-pack. Since I was so sick she actually called the prescription in to my pharmacy, and it was ready by the time I got there, so I skipped the whole hassle of waiting. A few days later I felt so much better, and the infection was gone. I would definitely go back to them if I ever get sick again, just because of how nice and attentive the PA was.